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When was the last time you remember being pain free? Get back to living a pain free life with the help of gentle and effective Chiropractic care from Hunter Chiropractic Health Center in Longview, TX. We specialize in short term pain relief to help you live a more comfortable life. When you come our chiropractor, Candis Mendoza, DC will give you a full chiropractic evaluation to see if chiropractic care is right for your situation. If so, we will work together to help develop a custom health plan for your specific needs and goals. Your health and care is important to us. Walk-ins welcome and no appointment is needed. Call or come in today to start living a pain free life.

About The Chiropractor - Candis Mendoza, DC

Candis Mendoza, DC uses her chiropractic skills to help care for and improve the health and wellness of her patients. Whether you are experiencing neck or back pain, extremity pain, or just feeling sore, Candis Mendoza, DC can help you start living a pain free life. She takes a "whole person" approach to chiropractic care, meaning she treats the underlying issues and pain, instead of just treating the symptoms. Candis Mendoza, DC will be able to find the root of your pain and create a personalized chiropractic wellness plan to meet your needs. With the help of Dr. Mendoza, DC patients have been able to live a pain free life. At Hunter Chiropractic, we treat our patients like part of our family. Our team is committed to helping you live a more comfortable life.
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